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Development of a digital Database (DB) for Central Asia Ikats

Over the years of research was already gathered an electronic collection of Central Asian Ikat images: Ikats of local Uzbek and European museums, of private collections in Uzbekistan and Europe, of literary sources (books, magazines, periodicals), in textile shops, on famous textile markets in Uzbekistan.

A multitude of photo- and video-materials about ikats was produced during the field investigations in the main Ikat-Producing-Centers of modern Uzbekistan in 2008-2011 during the first part of the project. The goal was to develop an electronic multimedia edition of traditional Ikats as a textiles Database for scientific, educational, and handicraft production purposes, for textile professionals, scientists, artists and students.

The possibilities of electronic data and the WorldWideWeb have inspired this broad-ranging and multi-disciplinary project on further research and knowledge transfer about Ikat textiles of Uzbekistan in order to analyze, streamline and formalize the scientific knowledge about the subject.


Project team

A.Gofurov, T.Chursina, A.Toychiyev, J.Bessas,V.Chursina,L.Shamukhitdinova, A.Egorkin, G. Valiev , G.Mentges, S.Dany, A.Rahimov, A.Ahunbabaev, H.Alimova, N.Kobulova, M.Temirova, S.Pulatova, D.Muhammedieva, E.Mustafina, R.Yusupova,Sh.Ilkhomov