Modernity of Tradition: The Sustainability of Uzbek Textile Heritage as cultural and economic resource II

Duration:  2 years

The new stage of the multidisciplinary scientific-educational project financed by VolkswagenStiftung will focus on the exploration of the potential of the economic and cultural resources of Uzbek textile heritage for Uzbek economy within the process of nation building and develop perspectives to make textile heritage sustainable for economy as for culture. The significant intensification of the earlier work will concentrate on the directions as follows: to highlight the ways of consuming textile traditions, to study the modern design of traditional textiles and crafts and analyze the different displays of textile heritage, especially textile museums; to complete the construction of “the Ikat-Textiles-Database”, an international electronic multimedia edition for scientific, educational and industrial purpose. One of the important goals is to contribute to the quality of traditional textile culture through the dissemination and integration of the knowledge about Uzbek textile heritage into textiles disciplines in Uzbek Universities and to create a sustainable network between Uzbek and German university teachers and scientists.

Project team

A.Gofurov, T.Chursina, A.Toychiyev, J.Bessas,V.Chursina,L.Shamukhitdinova, A.Egorkin, G. Valiev , G.Mentges, S.Dany, A.Rahimov, A.Ahunbabaev, H.Alimova, N.Kobulova, M.Temirova, S.Pulatova, D.Muhammedieva, E.Mustafina, R.Yusupova,Sh.Ilkhomov